Fine Home Talks x Plymouth Glass & Mirror Part Two

Tune in to this episode of Fine Home Talks where host Dave Perrotti discusses the complexities of auto and home glass services with Nicole Maloid of Plymouth Glass and Mirror. Nikki delves into the essential services offered by Plymouth Glass, including auto glass replacement and advanced recalibration technologies. They explore the intricate process of managing insurance claims for auto glass and home glass service, ensuring customer convenience and safety. Nikki also shares insights on the challenges of working with advanced safety features in modern vehicles and the importance of professional recalibration to maintain vehicle safety standards.


Topics covered include: The comprehensive range of services offered by Plymouth Glass, from vehicle glass to residential and commercial installations. The critical role of recalibration in maintaining the safety features of modern vehicles. Strategies for handling insurance claims efficiently to streamline customer experiences. Discussion on the use of quality materials and the importance of professional installation to ensure the integrity of glass installations. Tips for homeowners and vehicle owners on maintaining and selecting the right glass services for their needs. This episode is packed with expert advice for anyone dealing with or interested in auto and home glass solutions, highlighting the blend of technical expertise and customer care that Plymouth Glass brings to the table.

Fine Home Talks, Sarah Perrotti x Plymouth Glass & Mirror
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