Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Plymouth Glass & Mirror offers free mobile glass service in CT for auto glass replacements.

Plymouth Glass & Mirror offers a full-life warranty on your windshield replacement for the life you own your vehicle. This protects you against any stress cracks, water leaks, air noises, or any moulding issues that may arise. After the completion of your windshield replacement, a technician will provide you with a warranty card.

We ask that you wait 24 hours after your windshield is replaced before going through a car wash. The chemicals and water pressure may affect the installation. Regular precipitation, such as rain, will not affect the sealant or cure time. In fact, water can speed the cure process.

If your vehicle is a CT registered vehicle, as of August 1, 2010 the state of CT no longer requires that we put the registration stickers back on the vehicle. If you have other stickers on your vehicle that need to be re-applied, we will gladly put them back on for you.

We would be happy to put your EZ Pass on your new windshield.

Yes, we can re-install your remote starter back on your new windshield.

Yes, your rear view mirror will be properly placed back on your new windshield.

Yes, Plymouth Glass will change the moulding with your windshield replacement.

Yes, as long as you give Plymouth Glass the authorization to complete the work, we can do so. If you’re not going through insurance, the job will need to be pre-paid before the technician arrives. In some cases, we will also need the keys to the vehicle.

We ask that under these conditions, the vehicle be placed in a garage or carport to allow the seal to hold properly.

Yes, our technicians will do their very best to vacuum every piece of glass in the vehicle. When a piece of tempered glass is broken it shatters into many pieces which means you may find a piece here and there after the cleanup process.

In most instances, if your windshield chip is smaller than the size of a quarter and has no spider legs or cracking coming out, we can repair it.

We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, and checks.

First, a certified and trained technician will inspect the damage. Next, the technician will clean the damaged area to remove any dirt or moisture that may be present. Then, using the elite Glass Medic repair system, a resin is injected into the chip. A polyester film known as Mylar is placed over the resin and a high-power ultraviolet light is placed over the chip for approximately 3-5 minutes to harden the resin. We take an innovative approach to the repair process!

In most cases, it is still possible to see the chip in the windshield although it may improve slightly. A windshield repair is often completed to prevent further cracking of the glass.

Because we use the highest quality Sika adhesives, your vehicle can be driven away in 1 hour after completion of the replacement process.

Plymouth Glass & Mirror uses top-quality replacement glass that exceeds the expectations required for the safety of your vehicle. It is the same glass that was originally placed in the vehicle, but without the logo that your vehicle may display now (Example-Honda, Toyota, etc.). Some of our vast inventory includes; Carlite, Mopar, PGW, Pilkington, and Sekurit.

Yes, your windshield will be replaced with the same equipment that was in there previously. If you’re unsure if you have these options, let us do the work and we’ll find out if these options are in this vehicle. Simply call us by phone or send an email with your full vehicle identification number (VIN) and we will take it from there!

Yes, all vehicles are visibly marked with “Plymouth Glass & Mirror” on them. If you are concerned that it is not one of our vehicles, please call us at 877-PGM-GLASS (877-746-4527).

All of our technicians are licensed with the state of CT and also certified to use Sika adhesives, which requires yearly training. All of our technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience.

A windshield repair can often be completed in 30 minutes or less. A windshield replacement takes about 60 minutes and the vehicle can be driven within 1 hour of completion.

We can replace side-view mirrors as long as it’s the glass. We can usually get your mirror the following day. In most cases, your insurance company will cover the glass for the mirror as well if you have full glass coverage on your insurance. If the housing or plastic around the glass is damaged, you may need to bring it to your local dealership to have it looked at.

Yes, we are a preferred vendor for all insurance companies.

Yes, call us first! Plymouth Glass & Mirror will set up the claim with you in 3-5 minutes so you’re not stuck on the phone with the insurance company for 30 minutes.

Absolutely not! Across the United States, you have the right to choose any glass company of your choice without being held responsible for the costs.

Call us! We’ll get you connected right away to your insurance company and even help you get your policy number.

In most cases, insurance companies will not consider auto glass damage as a claim on your policy and raise your rates. If you’re concerned, call us first and we’ll contact your insurance agent to find out about glass repair coverage!

There are various safety features that vehicles come equipped with now such as Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert or Brake Mitigation System, Rain Sensor, Camera, Heads Up Display and many more. Because these are a final safety feature that you rely on, we suggest having your vehicle recalibrated at the dealership that specializes in that particular model of your vehicle. Your insurance company will reimburse you for any charges related to this due to a windshield replacement.