Fine Home Talks, Sarah Perrotti x Plymouth Glass & Mirror

In this episode of Fine Home Talks, host Sarah Perrotti sits down with Nikki Maloid, CEO of Plymouth Glass & Mirror, to explore the critical role of glass installations in enhancing property value. Nikki shares her journey of leading a family-owned business and the innovative solutions Plymouth Glass offers, from custom shower doors to window repairs. They discuss the challenges and opportunities within the glass industry, including the impacts of recent economic changes on pricing and service delivery.

Topics covered include: The evolution of Plymouth Glass and its commitment to quality and customer service. Practical advice for real estate agents and homeowners on improving property aesthetics with custom glass features. The technicalities and benefits of various glass installations in residential settings. Strategies for dealing with industry challenges such as price fluctuations and material shortages. Insights into maintaining customer satisfaction and operational excellence in a family-run business. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your space or a real estate professional aiming to offer clients the best, this conversation provides valuable perspectives on making informed decisions about glass installations and property enhancements.

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