Recalibrating Your Windshield Sensors

The Technology of Modern Windshields

Most vehicles today come equipped with at least one form of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS provides warnings about potential hazards on the road, such as collisions or vehicles in your blind spot. If your vehicle is from model year 2011 or newer, it likely has ADAS integrated into its windows and windshield. However, if the windshield needs replacing, the ADAS must be recalibrated to ensure it functions correctly. Without recalibration, the ADAS may fail to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and roadblocks, compromising your safety. Vehicle manufacturers require ADAS recalibration whenever the windshield is replaced. Other situations that necessitate recalibration include wheel realignment, suspension system replacement, and disconnection of the vehicle’s camera.

There are two types of windshield recalibration: static and dynamic. Dynamic recalibration involves driving the vehicle at a specific speed on well-marked roads. Static recalibration uses an image on a fixture placed directly in front of the vehicle.

For the best ADAS recalibration, trust Plymouth Glass & Mirror, the leading windshield company in Connecticut since 1981. The procedure duration varies by vehicle make and model, but you should plan for about one to two hours.

When it comes to windshield repair, replacement and recalibrated services, Plymouth Glass & Mirror stands unmatched in the Waterbury, Bristol, West Hartford, Southington, and Fairfield, CT areas. We offer mobile service throughout the state. Contact us today if you need your vehicle’s ADAS recalibrated.

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