Windshield Repair Process

Every day throughout Connecticut thousands of windshields are damaged by flying rocks or other road debris. When an object strikes the outer layer of the windshield with sufficient force, it can cause a small hole on impact. This allows air to enter the damaged area which creates a diffusion of light making it hard to see while driving. The goal when we repair a windshield is to penetrate the glass surface through the pit of the break with a transparent liquid resin. The resin replaces the entrapped air and restores visibility, since it has the same index of refraction as the glass. The resin once cured also bonds the loose glass within the damaged area making it safe to drive again. In most cases, the windshield repair will not be totally invisible, however, at least 90% of the optical diffusion will be eliminated, restoring transparency and preventing further cracking.

At Plymouth Glass and Mirror, we take pride in our craftsmanship and want to make ensure you have the best experience possible. We’ve outlined how we repair a windshield to help you better understand the process prior to your mobile or in-shop service appointment.

Repair Process
When repairing a windshield, one of our skilled technicians begins with a close inspection of the damage. Then they carefully use a carbide tip probe to remove the loose glass particles from the damaged area. Then they clean the area with a dry cloth. After mounting an adhesive seal to the windshield and pressing down to ensure a good bond, a pedestal is mounted to the adhesive base where the windshield repair will be completed. The technician then places the UV resin into the pedestal. After allowing the resin time to dry, the technician will remove the device and wipe away excess resin. A piece of mylar, a specialized plastic film, is applied over the repaired area and smoothed out with a razor blade. Finally, a UV curing lamp is placed over the windshield repair area for approximately 5 minutes to allow the resin to harden. Once completed, your vehicle is ready to safely drive again!

If your car glass has any of the below signs, it’s time to schedule a repair with us!

  • Bull’s Eye – Looks like a circular, cone shaped indent on the outer layer of the glass
  • Chip – A piece of glass that is missing
  • Crack Chip – A single crack that is smaller than the size of a quarter
  • Half Moon – Similar to a bull’s eye, but not completely circular
  • Stone Break – A small chip that happens when a stone hits the windshield but becomes a larger crack over time
  • Long Crack – A crack that is over 6” in length
  • Pit – An area where a piece of glass is missing

Although there are many circumstances where an auto glass repair will be effective, there are some situations that warrant a complete windshield replacement. Our professional auto glass technicians can help determine whether we can complete an auto glass repair, or if your windshield should be replaced.

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