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WTNH: Plymouth Glass Partners with Local Charity Cancer Can(‘t)

Plymouth Glass x WTNH: Cancer Can’t and Home Energy Savings

Plymouth Glass & Mirror is proud to partner with Cancer Can(‘t) a non-profit based in Middlebury, Connecticut for their Plymouth Glas & Mirror Charity Partnership Program. This charity dedicates it’s efforts to providing meals, rides, run errands, and make life easier for those suffering with cancer and their families. Additionally, Cancer Can(‘t) directly impacts our local community in Connecticut. Furthermore, as a business founded in Thomaston, Plymouth Glass & Mirror is especially excited that this charity was found in a neighboring town of Middlebury. Taking care of the community and being rooted deep within the state resonates with PGM Glass.

The Plymouth Glass & Mirror Charity Partnership Program was founded in 2024 and has dedicated periods throughout the year to raise funds and spread awareness to our local charities.

“Thank you to WTNH for having us on to discuss this impactful partnership and to talk about the ways that homeowners can save on their electric bill by installing new energy efficient glass”, said Kat Manning, Director of Marketing.

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