PGM Glass Embarks on Charitable Partnership Initiative

Plymouth Glass & Mirror Embarks on Charitable Partnership Initiative to Benefit Local Community

Thomaston, CT, July 9, 2024 – Plymouth Glass & Mirror, a leading provider of glass and mirror solutions, is proud to announce its charitable partnership initiative. This program is aimed at making a positive impact within the local community. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

As part of this initiative, Plymouth Glass & Mirror has developed strategic partnerships with various charitable organizations.  This effort reflects the company’s ethos of giving back and fostering a culture of compassion and support.

“We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities that support them,” said Nikki Maloid, owner of Plymouth Glass & Mirror. “Through our charitable partnership initiative, we are leveraging our resources and platforms to support organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of our community.”

Throughout the year, Plymouth Glass & Mirror will collaborate with different charities, spanning a wide range of causes including but not limited Cancer Can(‘t), Toys for Tots, Veteran Support Groups, and Best Buddies. By rotating partnerships every three months, the company aims to maximize its impact on community needs.

In addition to fundraising efforts, Plymouth Glass & Mirror will utilize its extensive network and marketing channels to raise awareness about the mission and objectives of the partnered charities. This multifaceted approach seeks to amplify the voices of these organizations and inspire greater community involvement and support.

“We firmly believe that by coming together as a community, we can create meaningful and lasting change,” added Kat Manning, Director of Marketing. “Through our collaborative efforts with local charities, we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission of making a positive difference in the community.”

Plymouth Glass & Mirror invites members of the community to join them in their charitable endeavors, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word about the causes they support. Together, they aim to foster a spirit of generosity and compassion.


For more information about Plymouth Glass & Mirror and their charitable partnership initiative, please contact [email protected].
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