Cracked Windshield Repair

Cracked Windshield? We Come To You!

Mobile windshield repair and replacement service in Connecticut- Extreme weather, traffic accidents, flying rocks, roadside debris, and other factors all contribute to damaging windshields. While a small chip or crack in the windshield doesn’t pose a huge threat, it’s still important to get it replaced or repaired especially because these cracks or chips can spread quickly, creating several risks. Once they are large enough to interfere with your field-of-vision, they can create a blurred vision and decrease visibility.

Did you know that your vehicle’s auto glass is an important part of the vehicle’s safety system and overall structural integrity of the vehicle? The auto glass helps support the roof and ensures proper airbag deployment if you experience a crash. The windshield helps transfer the force of a frontal collision in the chassis. This helps lessen the impact you feel. If the glass is damaged, it may shatter during a collision, the roof is more susceptible to caving in during a rollover accident, and the airbags may not deploy as they are intended to.

We Can Help!

For your safety, it’s important to have your damaged windshield repaired or replaced by an experienced auto glass specialist. At Plymouth Glass & Mirror, we have been providing customers throughout the Waterbury, Bristol, West Hartford, Southington, and Fairfield, CT areas with quality windshield replacements and repairs since 1981. Our team has the experience needed to work with all types of vehicles and can help you navigate the insurance claim process. We offer same-day or next-day services including mobile windshield repair and replacement. In most cases we offer the lowest out-of-pocket pricing in the industry.

Best of all, we come to you for your convenience! Plymouth Glass & Mirror offers mobile auto glass replacement services to assist you. Whether your car is in your driveway or at your job, we can complete your vehicle’s auto glass replacement wherever your vehicle is parked. We strive to get your windshield replaced quickly in order to get you safely back on the road. Typically, our team can have your new windshield in place within an hour. If our mobile services don’t work for you, we also have an in-shop location to serve you. Contact us today for more information or to set up services for windshield replacements.


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