Residential Window Repair Vs. Replacement

Back in the days when wood-framed windows were the only option, when a window broke, it was repaired. Once vinyl, fiberglass, and metal options became available, the trend was to replace the window entirely, in the event it was damaged. Today, with the growth of the green home movement, most homeowners prefer to repair if possible and replace only when absolutely necessary.  Depending on your issue and the age of your windows, repair or replacement could be a viable option.

Water Leakage

If you are seeing water inside your home, it is most likely coming from around the window, not through it. Window seals are made to hold back water, but sometimes the force of water is no match for them. Poorly drained gutters and drainpipes can force water towards your windows and into your home.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows could mean that water is condensing inside your window’s panel. Muli-paned windows of the past are susceptible to this issue, as today’s window have IGU seals permanently build in. If your windows are new, replacing the sash can save your window. If your windows are dated, replacing them is a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Cracked or Broken Glass

Safety plays a big roll in deciding whether to repair or replace a broken window. Single-pane windows are inexpensive to repair, whereas a multi-paned glass can be a bit more difficult to repair. If broken or unstable windows have been an issue for a long amount of time, or your windows are so old that they are losing their insulation properties, window replacement may be the answer.

Poor Exterior Casing

Excessive moisture inside your home can be a sign that your exterior casing is bad. It is possible that repair could resolve the issue, as the primed wood exterior is widely available. If replacing the exterior casing does not solve the issue of water in your home, replacement is highly advised.

Plymouth Glass Offers Both Window Replacement & Repair!

As a homeowner, you may not be well-versed in windows and are unsure whether repair or replacement or ideal for your situation. Count on the experts with Plymouth Glass! We can inspect your window and suggest whether window replacement or repair would be best for your situation and needs. We will not try to convince you to replace windows when a repair is a viable solution! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our glass professionals.

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