Shower & Bathtub Glass FAQs

Check out the questions we get asked most often about our shower and bathtub glass repair and replacement services. Hopefully, you will find your answer. If not, feel free to give us a call and one of our glass experts can assist you!

  • Get a Quote: Once your tile has been completed and installed (all sills, seats, walls, etc), now you can choose the design of your shower that best suits your needs. You will also need to choose your customization options, such as hardware finish and various styles of hinges and handles. You may either submit your request online at or call us at 877-PGM-GLASS!
  • Estimate: We’ll provide you an estimate based upon information you have provided our design experts. Once you have decided you would like to take the next step for your custom shower glass, we’ll send out a licensed technician to perform the measurements.
  • Professional Measurements: We'll schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians come to your house and take professional measurements, so we can finalize your quote and begin fabrication. We'll require a 50% deposit and then can proceed with the ordering process.
  • Manufacturing: The glass requires a special tempering plant and protection that may potentially protect your glass from the lifelong effects of hard water and mineral deposits. Your shower glass will take approximately 2 weeks to come in from the time it was approved.
  • Installation: We'll schedule a time with you to have your shower installed. Two licensed technicians will arrive on site to perform the install which may take anywhere from 3-8hrs depending on the size/design of your shower.

A framed shower door is constructed of thinner and weaker 1/8″ to 3/16″ glass. It relies on a metal frame to strengthen and fasten the enclosure.

A frameless shower enclosure is made up of 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered and polished safety glass. This glass has greater strength and does not require heavy metal framing around it. Frameless shower doors also eliminate the wobble seen in cheaper store-bought doors when opening or closing.

A frameless shower enclosure is aesthetically superior to any other shower solution, increasing the value of your home. A frameless shower door lasts much longer than a framed shower door that can rust and build mold, the frameless glass eliminates ugly thick metal framing. Frameless shower doors are the easiest of any shower door to clean and will also help draw in a tremendous amount of light into your bathroom, enhancing the space!

The lack of frame makes cleaning a frameless shower door far easier than a framed glass door.  To keep your glass free of potentially damaging water spots, we recommend using a squeegee after each use. Using a squeegee on a daily basis is the simplest and fastest way to avoid water spot and mineral deposit build up on your new shower enclosure. Another alternative is using a microfiber cloth to wipe the shower down after use.

Plan to wipe down the shower right after the last person has finished up their shower for the day.

You can also fill a spray bottle with White Vinegar and filtered water 50/50. Spray onto the glass and let it soak a few minutes. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels and wipe the glass in a circular motion. We also recommend using an ammonia-free glass cleaner, preferably one purchased from a glass company.

All frameless showers are NOT created equal.

Many higher costs are due to the supplier/company not having the CAD capabilities or expertise to design the shower to your specifications. This requires them to input the data to another company who then creates your shower and drives the cost significantly higher. At Plymouth Glass & Mirror, we design every shower to YOUR specifications without adding extra costs.

Glass Thickness: 3/8" glass and 1/2" glass are common thicknesses and serve different purposes. Half-inch glass may be used when there is a glass-to-glass panel required on your shower. Or, you may choose it for its sturdiness or aesthetics. When comparing quotes, this is often a place where other manufacturers may differ.

Metal Clips vs. U-channels: When clients tell us they'd like a frameless glass shower, we give them one. A true frameless shower is installed with 2-inch metal clips/clamps fixed directly onto glass panels at minimal intervals. You do have the option of using less expensive u-channels; aluminum rails that fit over the entire edge of glass panels. but these add an additional aluminum component the same color as your hardware to the bottom (potentially side) of your frameless shower. Although they are extremely narrow (not even 1” high), they can still be a deterrent in some cases for those that prefer the “ultra frameless” look.


Glass Type and Treatment Options: For clients who are investing in an all-glass shower, we recommend upgrading to a product that will protect your glass for years to come! We work with companies such as Enduroshield and Diamon Fusion which makes your shower stain resistant and easier to clean (and even comes with a lifetime warranty). These two upgrades will add cost to your quote but will be worth it in the long run!

Hardware Style and Finishes: Just as showerhead and faucet designs vary in price and finishing choices, so do style choices for clips, rails, door handles, towel bars and robe hooks. We manufacture the highest quality hardware available with our Portals Hardware line; our hinges, clips and accessories are made from solid metal. Other companies use metal-plated or cast metal hardware that can't compete for durability.

Once our technicians come out to take exact measurements for your frameless shower, a Plymouth Glass & Mirror design specialist will provide a final price quote. Our project cost is only subject to change should anything change from the time we measure.

Yes, we do! We cover any location in CT and will occasionally travel out of state to the surrounding counties. Please consult with our project manager to determine if we can service your location outside CT if needed!

We can provide various samples to match your hardware in your shower. We also have the ability to custom color match your hardware to match your shower enclosure and fixtures in your bathroom.

Once initiated, our manufacturing process for frameless glass shower doors will be completed in 7 to 10 business days. When your glass is ready for installation, we will call you to schedule your installation. Your appointment can be scheduled within days.

During the manufacturing process, we'll receive and inspect hardware, cut glass into panels and doors, and polish all glass edges. Then we'll work on each piece of glass, making precision cuts for hardware notches, door handles, towel bars and robe hooks. Then the last step is tempering the glass to meet safety guidelines. Once tempered, shower glass cannot be cut further, or it will shatter.

Once we begin manufacturing your shower glass, no changes to your order can be made. If you're serious about changing your frameless shower design, then we will charge for all previous glass work and cost, in addition to the cost of manufacturing your new shower design.

Starphire glass is a low-iron ultra clear glass that actually carries a blue tint that accentuates light transmittance. The transparency of the glass creates a “clearer” appearance to the glass.

Although they may seem fragile and delicate, shower glass doors are made with either 3/8” or 1/2" tempered safety glass and are extremely durable. Although you do have to be careful with your doors not to slam them or potentially hit a corner or edge because they are still glass, the chances of your glass door breaking are less than .013% chance.

Any frameless enclosures that use more than one glass panel should always be installed by a professionally trained team of technicians. Here's why:

  • We use professional measurement equipment to make sure the glass is sized perfectly for your space. If the shower glass is fabricated with incorrect measurements, you would not be able to install it.
  • Glass is tempered, so it can't be recut if the fabricated piece of glass is not the right size.
  • A frameless shower that isn't installed correctly is extremely dangerous.
  • We also use professional glazier's installation tools, including CAD software, to ensure structural soundness.
  • Your installer also keeps track of safety codes that must be followed and the height and weight limitations of the installation hardware.

And finally, all of our technicians are licensed and certified which gives you our 1 year warranty on your project.

Absolutely! The tile work should be completed in your bathroom before we measure for your custom glass shower enclosure. Although the grouting does not need to be completed, the entire shower should be installed, including your threshold or any seats/niches.

Unfortunately, we do not perform any of the tile or plumbing work. We will supply and install all the glass for the shower enclosure including any hardware required for install. However, we do have recommendations of several contractors throughout CT that we have worked with and have a great reputation, that can assist with your bathroom remodel/construction.

With a new frameless shower door or enclosure, there is the option of adding a product to your glass that will prevent hard water build up. Diamon Fusion is the industry leading technology that comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! The glass is chemically bonded in the factory, preventing hard-water and minerals to build up on your beautiful shower doors.

We suggest keeping your shower doors dry for at least 24 hours after the installation. This will allow the glue to cure and completely harden.