Waterbury, CT

Home Glass Repair & Replacement for Waterbury, CT

Waterbury is one of the largest cities in Connecticut and is considered part of the New York Metropolitan Area. The city first made a name for itself as a center of industry and factory manufacturing in the area; as the leading center of brassware in the region, Waterbury became known as the “Brass City.” It was also known for the manufacture of clocks and watches.

Since its heyday in the beginning of the 20th century, Waterbury has experienced a decline in jobs; however, the city is still considered one of the best places to live and raise a family in Connecticut. Today, Waterbury is primarily a residential area, with many beautiful historic homes to be seen.

Window & Glass Replacement

If you own a home in Waterbury, it’s important to make sure your windows are in good repair. Plymouth Glass & Mirror offers expert window replacement services for homes in Waterbury. If your windows are old or broken, external air can force your HVAC system to work extra hard. Replacing them quickly will save you a lot of money in utility bills. This is especially important during cold Connecticut winter weather.

If you have any glass in your home that needs repair or replacement, our professionals can help. We replace glass shower doors, tub enclosures, storm doors, mirrors, and more. Let the glass replacement experts at Plymouth Glass & Mirror help. Whether you have a simple crack or need complete glass replacement, we’ll get the job done – no matter how complicated-looking the glass in question might be.

Plymouth Glass offers complete home glass repair and replacement to the Waterbury, CT area. Reach out to our office today if you need any windows or glass pieces repaired; we can help whether your glass is scratched or shattered. Broken glass is unsafe. Call our office today and let our experienced professionals help!