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Custom Frameless Showers

The bathroom of your dreams for your Connecticut home can be a reality with the luxury and elegance of a custom glass shower from Plymouth Glass and Mirror. Our custom glass shower experts can help you choose from frameless shower doors and panels or create a customized shower enclosure to fit your budget and design. Because frameless shower enclosures are always different sizes and shapes, they are always custom orders. However, there is no added “custom” charge when it comes to frameless showers. A custom glass shower (designed for your home in Hartford, Waterbury, or other Connecticut city) can be the focal point of your entire bathroom. Adding a custom bevel, arch, or other style to make your custom glass shower unique is a specialty offered by Plymouth Glass & Mirror. From single entry shower doors to multi-panel shower enclosures, we can create the design you’ve always dreamed of. Each custom glass shower is designed to your specifications and we can even provide you with a computer-designed image upon measurement. This allows you to see what your shower will look like prior to placing the order.

The Best Custom Glass Showers for Your CT Home

Homeowners in Waterbury, Bristol, Farmington, Avon, West Hartford, and all areas of Connecticut have depended on Plymouth Glass & Mirror for their custom glass showers for over 30 years because our craftsmanship and materials are of the highest quality. Our certified custom glass shower technicians take pride in their workmanship and provide you with the most exquisite ideas to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Custom Glass Showers Installed in 10 Days From Time of Your Order

custom glass showers - Plymouth Glass & MirrorBy taking the time to measure and evaluate your space, and by using our in-house computer design to provide you with an image of what your custom glass shower will look like, we can ensure that you are getting the exact design you’ve always wanted. From the time of the order, we can have your custom glass shower installed in your Connecticut home in 10 days! With the diversity of styles of frameless shower doors and the ability to create 100% custom glass showers and spray panels, you'll be happy you called Plymouth Glass & Mirror for your custom glass shower.

Trying to match the hardware in your bathroom to your custom glass shower? We carry a wide variety of hardware finishes, including polished and brushed chrome, brushed and satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze in varying degrees, antique brass, and many more to match your bathroom. With our widespread
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line, we are able to design your custom glass shower to match your bathroom design. Whether you’re looking to provide a contemporary look or keep that colonial style, our hardware is the best match. If you want to accent your beautiful tile with clear glass or add that special touch to your custom glass shower with patterned glass, Plymouth Glass & Mirror will propose suggestions that tailor to your designs.

Are you tired of trying to clean the film off of your glass shower doors?

custom glass showers - Plymouth Glass & Mirror Do you spend extra time cleaning the shower of your Connecticut home due to stains on your glass shower doors? Ask about our maintenance-free glass coating. Different from other products that are applied on the glass and can wash away, the permanent product is applied to the glass shower doors during manufacturing offering a scum-resistance to the glass that allows you to maintain the beauty of clear shower glass. Using a unique ion beam process, it stops corrosion before it starts. Similar to the benefits of a non-stick cooking pan, the coating deters hard water stains and calcium deposits from sticking to the glass to keep your frameless shower glass looking brand new for years to come. Although it is still necessary to clean your shower doors, your frameless shower glass becomes more scratch and impact resistant. Because the coating is not a product that is applied after manufacturing the glass, you are not limited to 1 or 2 products to use when cleaning your shower doors. Our product is compatible with a myriad of everyday cleaning solutions such as Lysol, Clorox, Windex and many more. With a lifetime warranty, we are confident that cleaning your glass shower doors will be less challenging.