Windshield Protection Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs


The more people drive, the greater the risk of having an accident that can cause damage to their vehicle. Even safe drivers run the risk of windshield damage due to collisions, flying debris or severe weather. By taking precautions to protect their windshield while driving, car owners can avoid expensive windshield repair bills in Bristol. Car windshields play an important role in protecting drivers and passengers. Here are a few ways in which car owners can safeguard their windshield from chips, cracks and scratches.
Don’t Tailgate
Many drivers have acquired the bad habit of tailgating the car in front of them. This can make it difficult to make sudden stops when necessary. A serious rear end collision could very well cause windshield glass to crack or shatter.
Tailgating behind trucks on the highway poses the risk of getting hit by flying rocks or debris coming from the vehicle’s tires. By keeping their distance, drivers have better control over their vehicles, making it easier to avoid flying debris and the danger of causing a rear end collision.
Protect Windshield from Elements
When possible, people should avoid driving during adverse weather as it could cause damage to their windshield. A severe hailstorm could cause chips or cracks on the glass. High winds can easily blow debris onto the windshield which could cause it to shatter. Driving under severe weather conditions always increases the risk of accidents.
In like manner, people should avoid exposing their vehicle to extreme hot or cold weather as temperature changes can weaken windshield glass. By finding shady spots to park during the summer and tucking their vehicle safely into the garage during winter, car owners can help extend the lifespan of their windshield.
Avoid Sudden Impacts
People who slam their car doors regularly weaken the glass on their windshield, making it more susceptible to cracking. If the windshield already has a crack, the jolt of door slamming could cause it to spread. Drivers should develop the habit of closing their car doors gently and teach their kids to do the same.
Use Proper Cleaning Agents
Car owners should avoid ammonia products when cleaning their windshields as it could cause damage to tint on the glass. An ammonia free spray and cotton cloth are sufficient to keep glass clear and clean for driving.
By taking these safety measures, drivers can do their part to preserve the windshield on their car.