How Replacing Your Windows Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

Say Goodbye To Your Old Windows, and Say Hello to Lower Energy Bills

When you take a closer look at your energy bills, have you noticed that your payments have steadily risen during a period of time? Are you ready to lower your monthly payments? Plymouth Glass has a solution for you! It is time to have new, energy-efficient windows installed.

Read through these questions below. If you answer “yes” to any of them, then it’s time to have your windows replaced.

  • Do your windows get hot during the summer and cold during the winter?
  • Do your windows ever get foggy or cloudy?
  • Are your windows hard to open or close?
  • Are your windows drafty?

Drafty Windows Could Be Costing Your More Money Than You Think

Living in a drafty house is one of the best signs that you need to have new windows installed. If not, you’re just allowing money to literally slip through the cracks!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your windows can attribute to nearly 25% of the annual heating and cooling costs of the average American home. That’s a crazy number! That is ¼ of your money that you are just wasting on energy bills. You don’t have to deal with your old windows any longer. Call Plymouth Glass and we will come out to your residential or commercial property and see what type of window will work best for your budget and your needs.

Call Us Now to Replace Your Windows

The truth is, every year you put off replacing the windows in your property, the more money you are throwing away. Let us help you work out a plan so you can get replacement windows at an affordable price! Have questions for us? Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team at Plymouth Glass today!

Why You Should Consider a Custom Mirror for Your Bathroom Renovation

A custom mirror can bring the whole bathroom together!

As you plan your bathroom renovation, you’ve probably already spent a great deal of time looking at tiles, evaluating fixtures, and comparing vanities and cabinets. One thing you may not have considered, however, is the mirror. You might assume that you can simply find a mirror in a home improvement store. However, we’d urge you to think again.

The truth is that a custom mirror for your bathroom is a much better investment than a mass-produced mirror you’d find at a home improvement store. Here are the top three reasons why:

  1. Guaranteed Fit: Depending on the size of your vanity and what sort of tile you have on the walls, you might have a strange or awkward space for your mirror. A custom mirror is made to measure and will fit no matter how big or small the space is.

  3. Pick the Perfect Frame: If you were shopping for a mirror off the shelf, you’d have to find the right size and then find a frame that matches your bathroom’s décor. Depending on the selection available, you might not have many appealing options. A custom mirror, on the other hand, comes with a custom frame, or it can have no frame at all.

  5. No Installation Worries: If you buy a mirror at a store, you are on your own for the installation. The contractor you are working with may or may not be willing to install the mirror. A custom mirror specialist, on the other hand, will almost certainly install the mirror – meaning you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it or ruining your investment.

These are just a few of the reasons to invest in a custom mirror; there are many others! If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to call us today. We would be happy to speak in more detail about our custom mirrors and help you make the right decision for your bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Frameless Shower Doors

When it comes to frameless shower doors, West Hartford residents will find that these offer a very sleek and elegant look to any bathroom. However, you want to make the right choice so that they perfectly meet your needs and style requirements. There are some things to consider to guide you through the process of choosing the best frameless shower doors for you.

Know the Size of Door You Need

This is the most important step because you need to ensure that the shower doors you choose will fit your shower stall. You can also choose the size of your doors in terms of height. You might want your doors to at least reach the height of your shower head for a more enclosed shower. However, some people prefer shorter doors that they can see over so that their shower feels more open when they are in it.

Choose the Right Hardware

Frameless shower doors do not have anything to grab onto like doors that are within a frame. Because of this, you want to choose hardware that is easy to grasp so that you can open and close your shower doors with ease. The handle should match well with the other hardware in your bathroom for a more aesthetic look. For example, if the other handles in your bathroom and your faucets are a brushed nickel, consider a door handle on your frameless doors made of the same material.

Consider if You Need Any Customization or Special Parts

Some people might find a few added touches to their shower doors make them more functional. This is especially important to consider if you have a smaller bathroom. For example, you might choose to have a towel rail installed on the outer side of the door to hold a towel if you do not have wall space to put one.

Consider the Color and Style of the Glass

You have an array of options when it comes to the actual glass of your frameless shower doors. You can keep it simple with plain transparent glass. If you want to add a little privacy to your shower, you might consider a frosted glass. With frosted glass, the entire sheet can be frosted or you can have the frost applied in a design. If you want a bathroom that is unique, stained glass is an option.

Now you know more about what it takes to pick out the best frameless shower doors in West Hartford for your bathroom. Once your new frameless shower doors are in place, you will immediately notice the improved aesthetic that they bring to your bathroom.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to replacement or auto glass repair, Hartford residents want to make sure that this is a chore that they tackle immediately. It is important to not drive a vehicle when any of the windows are damaged. Learning more about why driving a vehicle with damaged glass is a bad idea can help motivate you to get it fixed promptly.

A Cracked Windshield Might Violate the Law

All 50 states have their own laws concerning whether a cracked windshield is illegal. In some states, even the smallest imperfection could be grounds for you getting a ticket. However, in other states, police are only concerned if the crack obstructs your ability to drive. Looking at the state of Connecticut, the law says that your windshield must not have any defects that obstruct your view of the road. This means that if you do have a cracked or chipped windshield, a police officer can pull you over at his or her discretion and issue a ticket if they feel your glass problem makes it dangerous for you to drive.

The Damage Could Become Worse While Driving

If you already have a crack in your windshield, for example, and a rock kicks up and hits while you are driving, this could cause the crack to immediately become larger. The larger the crack, the harder it is for you to see the road.

You Cannot Clearly See the Road

Any cracks or chips in your windshield have the potential to make it more difficult to see when you are driving. If any glass problems—on the windshield, back window or side windows—obstruct your view, it is important that the damage is immediately taken care of.

The Glass Breaks While Driving

While not a common problem, this is possible, especially if the glass damage is severe. If this happens, it could quickly cause an accident because it could startle you and completely obstruct your vision.

Auto Glass Replacement Versus Repair

Ultimately, whether you need to repair the glass or you require a complete replacement is up to the discretion of the glass professional and your preferences. Many will not repair glass damage larger than a couple of inches since this could make it harder to see through the glass. This is understandable because it is critical that nothing obstruct your view of the road. The location of the damage is also important. Your glass professional will let you know if the location of the damage warrants a replacement or a repair.

Now you know more about why you should never wait when you need auto glass repair in Hartford. Make sure that you choose a reputable company to do the work, so that once it is fixed, you know that it will remain in good condition.

How to Choose a Reputable Glass Company

When it comes to choosing a reputable glass company, Hartford residents want to take some time and really do their homework. You want to ensure that the company that you choose has an excellent reputation, so that once the work is done, you can be confident it will last. There are several things to consider when choosing a company for your glass work. Take note of these and ensure that the company you pick meets all of your needs.

Check the Licensing of the Professional

In some areas, those doing glass work will require licensing in order to legally perform this type of service. The licensing requirements do vary throughout the country, so you want to check with your city to see what the requirements are. They can be different from city to city in some places. Once you know what these requirements are, talk to the contractors you are interested in working with. You can request proof of their licensing so that you can examine it and ensure they have what is legally required.

Make Sure They Are Experienced Working With the Glass Work You Require

The most common types of glass work include commercial glass, auto glass and shower glass. When you need these types of projects done, you want to make sure that the professional that you hire has the right experience. You also want to look into their experience concerning if they are reputable for installation, repair, or both, depending on your glass work needs.

Learn More About the Company’s Reputation

You can quickly and easily learn more about a company’s reputation on the Internet. Make sure that you spend a little time doing this so that you can read 10 to 20 reviews for each company you are interested in working with. This ensures you get a more complete picture concerning their reputation.

Explore the Training and Background Requirements for Employees

You want to make sure that the company properly evaluates their employees, first and foremost. For example, those doing glass work will come into your home or business, so you want them to be trustworthy. Next, you want to make sure that they have all of the right training to properly perform the glass work that you require so that you can be confident it will be done correctly.

You can see that it is a process to choose the best glass company in Hartford. However, when you work with the best, you will quickly see that it was well worth the time and effort to properly evaluate them. Your glass work will look amazing and it will be able to remain in good condition long-term.

Top Reasons to Consider Glass Repair

When it comes to glass replacement versus repair, Waterbury residents have an important decision to make. It is important to understand which option is the best option so that you can take care of the glass items and fixtures that you utilize each day. Common examples include your glass shower doors, the glass windows in your vehicle and the glass windows or room dividers in your commercial space. You want to save money, but you also want to make sure that the option you choose will last for a long time.

Repairing Your Auto Glass

Repairing auto glass does not take a lot of time thanks to the tools and technology that companies utilize today. So, you can usually have your vehicle back the same day that you get the repair done. You want to know if the window damage is at a point where it needs a complete replacement, or if you can simply get it repaired. This will require a professional inspecting the glass and evaluating the extent of the damage. If the issue is something like a small crack or chip, you can usually just have it repaired to make the window look like new again. Make sure to never allow even the smallest issue with auto glass go unchecked. The smallest cracks and chips can become big problems relatively quickly. Once they become big, it can be dangerous to drive and the cost to fix the issue can be a lot more expensive.

Repairing Your Shower Glass Doors

You use your shower glass doors daily, so you want them to be in good condition. A problem with the glass can pose a number of problems. First, it might allow water to leak out when you are showering. Second, when the glass integrity is compromised, there is a higher risk of the glass shattering, which could result in someone cutting themselves. A glass repair professional can come to your home and inspect the problem with your glass shower doors to let you know what is needed to get it fixed.

Repairing Your Commercial Glass

When you are running a business, you want everything to be clean and in good condition at all times. This shows that you take pride in your business. Even the smallest crack or chip in commercial glass can make your business look unkempt. If the glass is facing the outside, there is a chance that even a small crack could quickly become a large break due to the weather, so make sure to have it promptly inspected and repaired.

You can see that glass repair in Waterbury can be the best choice in certain instances. It might be simpler and more cost-effective compared to outright replacing any glass that requires some attention. Talk to a glass repair professional to have your glass assessed to determine if repair is a viable option for you.

Why Consider Glass Repair Versus Purchasing New

When it comes to glass repair, Waterbury residents might benefit when they choose repair over simply replacing what is broken. Learning more about the benefits will help you to assess whether or not repair is your best option. There are a number of advantages that you can start looking into concerning glass repair.

Preserve Your Priceless Furniture and Decorative Items

There are times when glass breaks and you are unable to replace the total piece. In this case, getting the glass fixed would allow you to hang onto your priceless items. It is important that you use the right glass company for this, especially if what you need fixed is an antique. This is largely because you might need a very specific type of glass to replace what was broken. For example, if you have a lamp with frosted glass, you want the same frosted glass to replace it if it is broken.

Save Money by Keeping What You Already Have

In some cases, buying a new item will be a lot more costly than just fixing the glass on a broken item. This is especially true if the item you need to fix is rare or an antique. You can get a quote concerning what it will cost to make the repair and compare this to what it will cost to replace the item. You will often find that it makes better financial sense to fix what is broke instead of going out and buying a new one.

Upgrade the Glass So That it is Stronger and Longer Lasting

Some glass is weaker and replacing with a stronger glass can help to keep your item looking good and in excellent condition. You might also consider replacing glass that has issues, such as staining that you cannot get rid of. Think of it as refreshing your items so that you can have them for years to come and even pass them down.

Reinvent an Old Piece with New Glass

If you have an older piece lying around, consider replacing the old glass with something different. For example, add a frosted or a colored glass to replace a sheet of traditional, transparent glass. You can do something like take an old window and turn it into a mirror, for example. This allows you to completely change the look of certain items so that they are completely new again.

As you can see, glass repair in Waterbury comes with a multitude of benefits. Now that you know what these are, it will be easier to see why you should consider fixing what is broken instead of just replacing the piece entirely.

How to Pick the Perfect Glass Company

AUTO GLASS LIFETIME GUARANTEEWhen it comes to a glass company, Hartford residents want to make sure that they are using the right one for their needs. There are several ways to find the best ones and then properly vet them to ensure that they have an excellent reputation. It only takes a short while to do, so it is worth the little extra time to make sure that you are making the best choice.

Look for a Company with Experience

Glass repair is a very intricate process, so you want an experienced company to tackle the work. They should have experience in the type of work that you need, such as repairing glass furniture elements or windows in your home. Of course, you want knowledge too with the company that you choose.

Make Sure That They Use High-Quality Materials

The glass used will play a major role in how long the repair or replacement lasts. The glass should be high in quality and there should be a guarantee of some sort. You can call the company and ask about the materials used and if they guarantee their work.

Ensure a High Level of Professionalism

You want to work with a company that puts professionalism above all else. This means that they will adhere to their estimate for both the cost and the overall timeframe to make the repair. You can read reviews on the company online to learn more about their professionalism.

Determine if Insurance Can Be Used

Not all repairs or replacements will qualify for insurance. However, if yours does, you want to work with a company that will accept your insurance. For example, if you need to replace glass in a window that was broken as the result of severe weather, your homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the repairs.

Look for Several Payment Options

You at least want the option between credit cards and cash since this makes it easier to pay your invoice. You can contact the glass company and ask about the payment methods that they accept.

Do They Provide Prompt Service?

When you need something fixed or replaced, you do not want to wait for a long period of time. Ideally, you want the fix to take less than a week or two. This is especially important if you are replacing window glass because you need all of your windows in excellent shape to ensure proper home security.

As you can see, it is only a short process to choose the best glass company in Hartford. You will be grateful you took the time to evaluate companies to choose the best once you see the results of the work.


The 5 Basics of Auto Glass

It’s There for Protection


The windshield holds the integrity of a car together. All told, it plays a central role in the driver’s safety. The windshield presents the car’s roof from caving in during accidents while serving as a protection from the passenger side airbag. It’s important for drivers to keep an eye on the state of their windshield – if it appears to be cracked, or if the driver finds any signs that it was improperly installed, it’s best to call up a Hartford auto glass repair shop immediately for a recommendation on what to do next.


Auto Glass is Made and Used for Vehicles Specifically


Made from strong laminated glass, windshields act as protective shields against bad weather and road accidents. Additionally, rear windshields and side windows are made from tempered glass. These glasses draw their strength from an impressive heating and rapid cooling process. Auto glass goes a long way in keeping the car safe from the daily wear and tear of driving through town.


Expert Consultation Goes a Long Way


When it comes to auto glass, it’s easy for drivers to get the impression that each of their fellow drivers are seasoned mechanics. Indeed, drivers don’t hesitate to tell other drivers that their windshields are “fine” after experiencing a small chip, or that any installation misalignments are “no cause for concern”. However, these questionable bits of advice won’t seem so useful if the glass should ever shatter while the car is in motion. Since auto glass is such an important, tricky feature of a vehicle, it’s best to leave all auto glass-related matters to professionals. Of course, professional consultation comes at a cost, but the safety and practicality benefits that come with licensed, experienced auto glass work are largely worth it.


To Replace or to Repair?


This matter should ideally fall into the hands of an auto glass expert. Professional auto glass workers know the difference between a chipped windshield that has a few additional weeks of safe use in it, and a chipped windshield that needs immediate repair or replacement. In most cases, minor cracks and chips should ideally be replaced as they pose as a driving hazard. If a windshield is cracked almost all the way through, it will always have to be replaced. In this case, of course, drivers can expect to pay more money unless they are covered under their insurance coverage without a pricey deductible.


In and Out


While variables tend to come into play, in most cases, windshield repairs take half an hour or less. Replacements, on the other hand, can take approximately an hour depending on the model, which doesn’t include the time needed for the sealer to cure.



4 Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield Replacement


windshield chipWhat if the Car Can’t be Driven to the Shop?


If the driver needs to work, is injured, cannot drive, or if the car in question is not in the right state to be driven, then the driver has to consider his or her other options: Either considering a tow to a local repair shop, or calling a company that offers mobile windshield replacement. And, if the windshield is seriously busted, the car will definitely need some servicing from a Waterbury glass repair company before it can be safely driven again.


How Long Does a Replacement Take?


This one depends entirely on how busted the windshield is and what considerable safety options may be present in the vehicle. In most cases, a windshield replacement takes 1 hour with a safe drive away time of 1 hour after.


How Soon Can the Car Be Driven After Replacement?


Again, this depends on a few factors, such as the type of adhesive that was utilized to seal the new glass. In all cases, the adhesive will need sufficient time to dry, though drying times vary depending on the type of adhesive used as well as the surrounding temperature. At Plymouth Glass, we use the most efficient adhesive in the glass industry, known to adhere within 1 hour. That allows a customer to drive the vehicle away 1 hour after completion of the replacement.


How Soon Can the Car Be Washed After Replacement?


When it comes to cleaning, it’s important for the driver to hold off for at least 24 hours following the repair. If the driver intends to wash the car with a pressure washer, it’s best to wait a few days before doing so. The higher the pressure applied to the new auto glass along with caustic chemicals, the higher the chances of its adhesive being dislodged. If the driver simply intends on giving the car a traditional scrub, then they can go right ahead and do so as long as 24 hours have passed. While water or rain isn’t an issue for newly installed windshields, high water pressure or high amounts of elbow grease certainly can be.