Why Consider Glass Repair Versus Purchasing New

When it comes to glass repair, Waterbury residents might benefit when they choose repair over simply replacing what is broken. Learning more about the benefits will help you to assess whether or not repair is your best option. There are a number of advantages that you can start looking into concerning glass repair.

Preserve Your Priceless Furniture and Decorative Items

There are times when glass breaks and you are unable to replace the total piece. In this case, getting the glass fixed would allow you to hang onto your priceless items. It is important that you use the right glass company for this, especially if what you need fixed is an antique. This is largely because you might need a very specific type of glass to replace what was broken. For example, if you have a lamp with frosted glass, you want the same frosted glass to replace it if it is broken.

Save Money by Keeping What You Already Have

In some cases, buying a new item will be a lot more costly than just fixing the glass on a broken item. This is especially true if the item you need to fix is rare or an antique. You can get a quote concerning what it will cost to make the repair and compare this to what it will cost to replace the item. You will often find that it makes better financial sense to fix what is broke instead of going out and buying a new one.

Upgrade the Glass So That it is Stronger and Longer Lasting

Some glass is weaker and replacing with a stronger glass can help to keep your item looking good and in excellent condition. You might also consider replacing glass that has issues, such as staining that you cannot get rid of. Think of it as refreshing your items so that you can have them for years to come and even pass them down.

Reinvent an Old Piece with New Glass

If you have an older piece lying around, consider replacing the old glass with something different. For example, add a frosted or a colored glass to replace a sheet of traditional, transparent glass. You can do something like take an old window and turn it into a mirror, for example. This allows you to completely change the look of certain items so that they are completely new again.

As you can see, glass repair in Waterbury comes with a multitude of benefits. Now that you know what these are, it will be easier to see why you should consider fixing what is broken instead of just replacing the piece entirely.

How to Pick the Perfect Glass Company

AUTO GLASS LIFETIME GUARANTEEWhen it comes to a glass company, Hartford residents want to make sure that they are using the right one for their needs. There are several ways to find the best ones and then properly vet them to ensure that they have an excellent reputation. It only takes a short while to do, so it is worth the little extra time to make sure that you are making the best choice.

Look for a Company with Experience

Glass repair is a very intricate process, so you want an experienced company to tackle the work. They should have experience in the type of work that you need, such as repairing glass furniture elements or windows in your home. Of course, you want knowledge too with the company that you choose.

Make Sure That They Use High-Quality Materials

The glass used will play a major role in how long the repair or replacement lasts. The glass should be high in quality and there should be a guarantee of some sort. You can call the company and ask about the materials used and if they guarantee their work.

Ensure a High Level of Professionalism

You want to work with a company that puts professionalism above all else. This means that they will adhere to their estimate for both the cost and the overall timeframe to make the repair. You can read reviews on the company online to learn more about their professionalism.

Determine if Insurance Can Be Used

Not all repairs or replacements will qualify for insurance. However, if yours does, you want to work with a company that will accept your insurance. For example, if you need to replace glass in a window that was broken as the result of severe weather, your homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the repairs.

Look for Several Payment Options

You at least want the option between credit cards and cash since this makes it easier to pay your invoice. You can contact the glass company and ask about the payment methods that they accept.

Do They Provide Prompt Service?

When you need something fixed or replaced, you do not want to wait for a long period of time. Ideally, you want the fix to take less than a week or two. This is especially important if you are replacing window glass because you need all of your windows in excellent shape to ensure proper home security.

As you can see, it is only a short process to choose the best glass company in Hartford. You will be grateful you took the time to evaluate companies to choose the best once you see the results of the work.


The 5 Basics of Auto Glass

It’s There for Protection


The windshield holds the integrity of a car together. All told, it plays a central role in the driver’s safety. The windshield presents the car’s roof from caving in during accidents while serving as a protection from the passenger side airbag. It’s important for drivers to keep an eye on the state of their windshield – if it appears to be cracked, or if the driver finds any signs that it was improperly installed, it’s best to call up a Hartford auto glass repair shop immediately for a recommendation on what to do next.


Auto Glass is Made and Used for Vehicles Specifically


Made from strong laminated glass, windshields act as protective shields against bad weather and road accidents. Additionally, rear windshields and side windows are made from tempered glass. These glasses draw their strength from an impressive heating and rapid cooling process. Auto glass goes a long way in keeping the car safe from the daily wear and tear of driving through town.


Expert Consultation Goes a Long Way


When it comes to auto glass, it’s easy for drivers to get the impression that each of their fellow drivers are seasoned mechanics. Indeed, drivers don’t hesitate to tell other drivers that their windshields are “fine” after experiencing a small chip, or that any installation misalignments are “no cause for concern”. However, these questionable bits of advice won’t seem so useful if the glass should ever shatter while the car is in motion. Since auto glass is such an important, tricky feature of a vehicle, it’s best to leave all auto glass-related matters to professionals. Of course, professional consultation comes at a cost, but the safety and practicality benefits that come with licensed, experienced auto glass work are largely worth it.


To Replace or to Repair?


This matter should ideally fall into the hands of an auto glass expert. Professional auto glass workers know the difference between a chipped windshield that has a few additional weeks of safe use in it, and a chipped windshield that needs immediate repair or replacement. In most cases, minor cracks and chips should ideally be replaced as they pose as a driving hazard. If a windshield is cracked almost all the way through, it will always have to be replaced. In this case, of course, drivers can expect to pay more money unless they are covered under their insurance coverage without a pricey deductible.


In and Out


While variables tend to come into play, in most cases, windshield repairs take half an hour or less. Replacements, on the other hand, can take approximately an hour depending on the model, which doesn’t include the time needed for the sealer to cure.



4 Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield Replacement


windshield chipWhat if the Car Can’t be Driven to the Shop?


If the driver needs to work, is injured, cannot drive, or if the car in question is not in the right state to be driven, then the driver has to consider his or her other options: Either considering a tow to a local repair shop, or calling a company that offers mobile windshield replacement. And, if the windshield is seriously busted, the car will definitely need some servicing from a Waterbury glass repair company before it can be safely driven again.


How Long Does a Replacement Take?


This one depends entirely on how busted the windshield is and what considerable safety options may be present in the vehicle. In most cases, a windshield replacement takes 1 hour with a safe drive away time of 1 hour after.


How Soon Can the Car Be Driven After Replacement?


Again, this depends on a few factors, such as the type of adhesive that was utilized to seal the new glass. In all cases, the adhesive will need sufficient time to dry, though drying times vary depending on the type of adhesive used as well as the surrounding temperature. At Plymouth Glass, we use the most efficient adhesive in the glass industry, known to adhere within 1 hour. That allows a customer to drive the vehicle away 1 hour after completion of the replacement.


How Soon Can the Car Be Washed After Replacement?


When it comes to cleaning, it’s important for the driver to hold off for at least 24 hours following the repair. If the driver intends to wash the car with a pressure washer, it’s best to wait a few days before doing so. The higher the pressure applied to the new auto glass along with caustic chemicals, the higher the chances of its adhesive being dislodged. If the driver simply intends on giving the car a traditional scrub, then they can go right ahead and do so as long as 24 hours have passed. While water or rain isn’t an issue for newly installed windshields, high water pressure or high amounts of elbow grease certainly can be.




4 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Glass Shower Doors

Choose the Right Type of Glass

There’s no standard glass type out there that will work for every homeowner. As with all stages of a home renovation, the choice here really depends on the homeowner’s specific tastes and needs. However, as always, a little prior education will come in handy later on. In this case, that means knowing what options are out there in terms of glass shower doors. For instance, a clear glass will offer pristine view of the entire room from with the shower. Furthermore, it will give the appearance of a larger bathroom since the shower will essentially be see-through. Conversely, if the homeowner prioritizes privacy over clarity, frosted glass doors are a great solution. Those looking for more of an alternative, ultra-modern feel should consider frameless shower doors in West Hartford. There’s a myriad of other fun alternative glass types to choose from, such as intricate glass with glacial patterns, or smoked bronze glass to give a classical impression. In all cases, homeowners are advised to take the time necessary to review their options in order to determine what works best for their bathroom (as well as their budget).

… and the Right Type of Hardware

The decision of shower hardware is key to a proper bathroom renovation. Homeowners can have fun choosing from the variety of hardware and fixture options available to them. Materials like aluminum and brass are reliable, stark, and flow perfectly in a modern bathroom design, contrasting well with uniform floor tiles and rich cabinetry. Whatever material the homeowner chooses to go with, they’ll have to consider the other fixtures in the bathroom in order to find the right match.

Don’t Forget the Finishing

There are countless finishing options for glass shower doors, and it all depends on the model in question. From chrome to ultra-chrome, brushed to polished stainless, there’s an option for every homeowner and an appropriate finish for every bathroom. Homeowners can also go the alternative route in regards to finishing, opting for bright glass, oil-rubbed bronze, or a simple all-white, glossy finish. The choice is entirely up to the homeowner, though it should be noted that it’s in the bathroom design’s best interest for the chosen finishing not to clash starkly compared to the rest of the bathroom’s finishes.

Proper Measurements

Since getting the right measurements for the glass shower doors is key to ensuring a smooth production, homeowners are advised to call a professional over in order to take the right measurements in the right way. After all, if the homeowner decides to take the measurements him or herself and makes a mistake, then the responsibility falls entirely on them should an error based on measurements occur during production.


5 Common Types of Glass for Windows

 Windows – they’re all around us, all the time, though we don’t tend to spend too much time thinking about how they’re made, or what they’re made from. The truth is, there are several types of glass materials used for several types of windows. From laminated glass used in vehicles (something any Hartford auto glass repair expert would know everything about) to impact-resistant glass used in hurricane-prone regions, there are several types of glass that can be used for several types of windows. Here is a basic overview of 5 types of glass commonly used for windows.

Heat Absorbing Tinted Glass

Heat absorbing tinted glass uses a glaze which reacts to heat. As the heat is absorbed, the color of the glass changes in turn. Thanks to this type of reaction, the glass absorbs the energy or heat into a home rather than reflect it. Gray and bronze-tinted glass are the most popular materials of this category. Each variation of heat absorbing tinted glass can minimize the amount of heat or light that can enter through the windows. Besides maximum energy efficiency, heat absorbing glass offers privacy, safety, security, and great versatility in design.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is typically used in sunny, warm regions. It is made to reduce solar radiation, which can minimize the amount of ultraviolet damage that a home experiences. Aside from that, reflective glass offers great versatility in design as well as visual impact. This makes it a premium choice for lavishly designed homes.

Gas Filled Windows

Thanks to its high thermal performance, gas filled windows are ideal for homeowners experiencing concerns with energy efficiency. Better insulation results from the gas, which goes a long way in reducing heat loss. Additionally, gas filled windows prevent frost from spreading over the bottom. At the same time, it offers great soundproofing qualities to the window.

Insulated Windows

Much like gas filled windows, insulated windows are a great choice when it comes to energy efficiency, keeping a home cool in the summer and toasty during winter. Insulated windows often come double or triple paned, and include anywhere from one to several low-emittance coatings which offer great insulation to fight against the cold and heat. Additionally, insulated windows offer great soundproofing qualities.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant glass is a popular option among homes located in areas at high risk of hurricanes. Normally, these are used in cases where a significant impact is likely. Their inherent strength makes impact-resistant glass a great option for balconies, stair-railing, exterior storefronts, curtain walls, and roof glazings. Despite being known mainly for their protection against forceful natural elements, impact-resistant glass offers a reliable shield against potential burglars or intruders as well as decent noise reduction and UV protection.

Glass: a Basic Overview

In these modern times, glass surrounds us in all aspects of our daily lives. It certainly wouldn’t take a Hartford glass company veteran to notice that! From looking into the bathroom mirror in the morning and looking out the car window during a morning work commute to looking through the very computer screen that people are reading this on, it would be harder for us to effectively escape from glass than it would be for us to find it. Being such an omnipresent material, it’s interesting to learn a little bit about the miracle material known as glass.

What It Is

Glass is a combination of sand and various other minerals which are melted and combined together at extremely high temperatures.  The end result is a material that is extremely versatile, ideal for uses ranging from construction and fibre optics to packaging. Glass occurs naturally inside the mouth of a volcano as the great heat of a volcanic eruption melts sand in order to form obsidian, which is a glassy, back, hard type of stone. Fun fact: early man would use obsidian to form the tips of their spears! These days, we’ve mastered glassmaking to the extent that we can use it in countless applications. Chemically speaking, glass is much like a liquid, although it becomes sticky or viscous at room temperature, making it feel and look like a solid. Glass becomes softer and forms into a liquid shape at higher temperatures. It’s the materials flexibility at these high temperatures that allow it to be used in so many fields.

How It’s Made

The main ingredient of glass is silica in the form of sand. This is combined with limestone and soda ash. The mixture is melted in a furnace heated to a temperature of approximately 1700°C. Manufacturers have the option of adding other materials in order to produce different properties, textures, or colors. The material can be engraved, heat-treated, decorated, or coated. When it’s still in its molten form, glass can be formed in order to make car windshields, packaging, glazing, and countless other products. The composition of glass will vary depending on the end use, as will the rate at which it is made to cool. These two properties are critical in achieving the properties that the manufacturer intended.

Different Types and Applications

There are several different glass types, each varying in physical and chemical properties. Each can be formed by calculated modifications to chemical compositions. For applications in certain industries, such as pharmacy, chemistry, electronics, electrical, construction, optics, and lighting, glass (including the relatively young material family known as glass ceramics) is the engineer’s only suitable option as a working material.


Being 100% recyclable, glass can be recycled infinitely without compromising strength, quality, and functionality.


4 Great Options for Interior Glass

Homeowners caught in the throes of home renovation certainly have a lot on their minds. There seem to be countless aspects of a home that need to be tended to, and homeowners seldom find themselves caught up with the sheer volume of things needed for the renovation as a whole. In the midst of this dynamic process must come some consideration for interior glass. Glass has historically been a great complimentary material for the inside of a home, and this trend has only picked up steam in the modern design revolution. These days, there’s no shortage of uses for glass inside a home. From shower doors to closet doors, bedroom mirrors to bathroom mirrors, lamps to chandeliers, there are plenty of ways that a home can make great use of glass. Additionally, having access to Waterbury glass repair companies provides a great safety cushion should that ominous cracking sound permeate a home. For a homeowner’s consideration, here are 4 great glass materials for the interior of a home.

Satin Glass

Satin glass, otherwise known as privacy glass, is, as its alternative name implies, an ideal material for applications in which privacy is an absolute necessity. Satin glass is chemically treated in order to provide it with the desired, signature finish over its surface. This finishing makes it an ideal decorative material, one that can also be used as a partition wall. This is commonly seen in hotels where one needs some privacy, or as a partition wall in retail spaces.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass comes typically in grey, dark grey, green, bronze, blue and blue-green, though it can also be offered in other colors such as pink, purple, or red.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is by far the most popular variation of glass for indoor applications. This material allows nearly 80-90% of discernible light to pass through its thickness. Clear glass can be used in a variety of decorative purposes or in several locations in the house. Virtually anything can be crafted from it, including a chandelier, door knob, to a facade. Thanks to its transmittance quality, clear glass is ideal for making lighting items such as lamps and lanterns.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass, or textured glass, comes with a decorative design embedded over its surface. The design can come in a plain texture or in a complex geometric pattern – the sky’s the limit. This material is particularly useful in spaces that can use some light transmission without compromising a great amount of privacy. Thanks to the texture over its surface, patterned glass blocks a clear view of an object when seen through it. This glass is normally seen in foyers, shower cubes, restaurants, and conference rooms.

The 4 Most Popular Glass Home Upgrades

Refreshing the home with a few small upgrades and changes can make any space feel new again, without the need for a major renovation. One of the most striking ways to update a home is by using more glass, in virtually any room, for a bright and modern way to increase the amount of natural light and show off the natural beauty of the home. There are countless ways to incorporate glass upgrades into the home in ways that are affordable and attainable for many homeowners. The following ways of using glass in the home are simple, functional, and will add to the appearance of any room:

  • Mirrored closets – Homeowners can change both sliding and bi-fold style closets and swap them for mirrored doors. Not only does this give the room a sleek look but it gives the homeowner the benefit of a full-length mirror and eliminates the need for a standing mirror elsewhere in the room or taking up wall space to hang one. As an additional bonus, mirrored closets can make the whole room look larger.
  • Frameless shower doors – West Hartford homeowners can take even the tiniest bathroom and make it seem like it’s doubled in size, simply by removing their traditional tub surround and installing frameless shower doors in its place. The room will feel lighter without the need for a heavy shower curtain and the light of the room will let the homeowners enjoy a brighter experience from inside the shower.
  • Glass kitchen cabinets – Trading traditional wooden kitchen cabinetry with glass cabinet faces can breathe new life into a tired kitchen and lighten the appearance. In many cases, the cabinet boxes are in good condition and only the exterior faces will need to be upgraded, which can save homeowners a lot of money on a full-scale kitchen cabinetry renovation. Glass cabinet faces make small, dark kitchens appear larger and more spacious and they also allow homeowners to display their items and add visual interest to their kitchen and dining area.
  • Patio door – There are many options for glass doorways that lead onto a deck or into a backyard. Many homeowners simply want to update what they already have and install a newer version, while other homeowners will want to try a whole new look, often as part of a renovation or building a new deck where one didn’t exist before. One of the most popular types is the sliding style which gives homeowners the benefit of large, floor to ceiling windows that also have a great function in their home. Double French styles are another type of glass patio entry that homeowners are choosing based on their classic appearance and easy functionality for moving between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Important Numbers for Drivers to Have on Speed Dial

Most drivers have their vehicles set up just the way they like them, with all the accessories and essentials they need for a comfortable driving experience. In addition to having the audio pre-sets programmed or the climate controls adjusted just the way they want them, drivers should also take the time to program some important information into their phone, in the case of an emergency, a collision, or the need for an unexpected repair. When drivers have these numbers programmed into their phonebook they will be prepared for anything they encounter on the road ahead:

  • Glass repair – Drivers never know when their windshield will encounter flying rocks and other debris from the roads. Even small particles can take their toll on a windshield when they strike the glass at high speeds. It’s important for drivers to take care of small rock chips right away so they don’t cause further windshield damage or obstruct the drivers view. Drivers should locate a reputable auto glass repair business that services the Hartford area and keep their number handy so they can call for a quick fix when they need it. The best auto glass companies will provide drivers with mobile service as well as fixing their windshields at their repair shop. This allows drivers to have their windshield repairs taken care of quickly and conveniently and adds further motivation to get small chips fixed right away.
  • Roadside assistance – Anything from a flat tire to an overheated car can sideline a driver on the freeway and leave them stranded. These situations are a major headache for drivers, especially when they don’t have the contact information of a roadside assistance company at their fingertips. Internet service can be spotty on highways and in remote locations so drivers may not be able to search for the name and phone number of a roadside assistance company when they need it most. Having a tow-truck company preprogrammed into their phone allows drivers to quickly call for help when it’s required and lets them get back on their way as soon as possible.
  • Insurance agent – A collision is an unfortunate experience and one that can be extremely stressful for most drivers. Keeping the name and phone number of the vehicle’s insurance agent handy is recommended so that drivers can easily contact their provider to report a claim or ask questions about how to handle specific collision situations.


  • Dealership – Well-equipped drivers will keep their dealership’s number stored in their phone in case they need to get in touch about anything from scheduling regular maintenance to inquiring about warranty coverage. Drivers of newer vehicles will typically speak with their dealership as an initial point of contact if they need repairs to the engine or the body of the car, as the dealer may offer many of the required services in house, or have some services included in the car’s warranty. Smart drivers will keep their dealership’s contact ready so they can get in touch and get help navigating any situation that arises.