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windshield chip repair - Plymouth Glass & MirrorCan you save money with a Windshield Repair?

Every day thousands of windshields are damaged in Connecticut by flying rocks or other road debris. When an object strikes the outer layer of the windshield with sufficient force, it can cause a small hole on impact. This permits air to enter the damaged area. This air space creates a diffusion of light, resulting in and obstruction of vision. The objective of this windshield repair system is to penetrate the glass surface through the pit of the break with a transparent liquid resin. The resin replaces the entrapped air, cures, and restores visibility, since it has the same index of refraction as the glass. The resin once cured also bonds the loose glass within the damaged area. In most cases, the windshield repair will not be totally invisible, however, at least 90% of the optical diffusion will be eliminated, restoring transparency and preventing further cracking.

Cost-Effective Windshield Repair vs. Replacement

Plymouth Glass and Mirror offers windshield repair in Hartford, Waterbury and surrounding cities and towns as a cost effective option when you aren’t in need of an entire windshield replacement. Windshields can often be repaired when the damage is addressed quickly and the damaged area is small enough. Did you know that in some cases, windshield chips up to a quarter in size can be repaired? By exposing the damaged windshield to road grime, water from rain or car washes, or even changes in weather, you increase the chance that the damage will spread and a windshield replacement will be required. Because it does not require the removal of the windshield ensuring the original manufacturer's warranty.

No Time to Come See Us? We’ll Dispatch Our Mobile Auto Glass Service

Our mobile Plymouth Glass & Mirror CT windshield repair units will be dispatched to you quickly and can repair the windshield crack or chip at your home or workplace. No matter where you are, from Waterbury, Bristol, Farmington, Avon, West Hartford and all areas of Connecticut let Plymouth Glass & Mirror save you money by repairing your windshield before the damage gets worse!


  • A windshield repair technician closely inspects the damage to the windshield.
  • A certified technician carefully uses a carbide tip probe to remove all the loose glass particles from the damaged area and then cleans the area with a dry cloth.
  • After mounting an adhesive seal to the windshield and pressing down to ensure a good bond, a pedestal is mounted to the adhesive base where the windshield repair will be completed.
  • The technician will then place the UV resin into the pedestal.
  • After allowing the resin time to dry, the technician will remove the device and wipe away excess resin present at the windshield repair site.
  • A piece of mylar, a specialized plastic film, is applied over the repaired area and smoothed out with a razor blade.
  • A UV curing lamp is placed over the windshield repair area for approximately 5 minutes to allow the resin to harden.